Monthly Archives: October 2011

. Avoid excessive illumination. Please keep only as many fans and lights on as you need.
2. Do not use neon sign boards. Use only painted sign boards.
3. Use energy saving compact fluorescent lamps for the illumination of your shops, showrooms, or hotels.
4. Try to switch on your room air conditioners and coolers at least one hour late and switch off one hour early. Preferably, do not use these heavy duty appliances.
5. Please close the shops and showrooms precisely by 8 p.m. at night.
6. Use solar water heaters for hot water requirements of your hotels and lodges


Provide shunt capacitors at terminals of your three-phase motor to help reduce current and ensure longer life to your pumpset.
2. Use rigid PVC pipes to get more discharge.
3. Avoid sharp bends and too many joints in the suction and delivery lines.
4. Use low-resistance foot valves.
5. Lubricate pump sets at regular intervals.
6. Choose suitable crop mix so that at least one crop in a year is grown with least water consumption.